Mentoring & Peer Support

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Reconnect with the work.  Supportive for new and seasoned teachers alike.

We offer a unique teacher mentoring and practicum program and we welcome you to be part of the community.  Peer support is so valuable and often missing in the world of yoga today so we have decided to focus on that concept and offer it here is a way of learning to make things accessible, approachable and enjoyable.

Replenish the connection with yourself, revisit the lost art of listening and make a re-commitment to the practice of slowing yourself down.  If you feel called to practice further, we have four progressions to help you grow as a teacher.

Review your training, remember the techniques, remind your hands and refresh your teaching. Encourage your confidence, practice your skills, bring your questions and build your community.

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Please contact Christy for further information.

Christy Forman  604-315-5208

Restorative Yoga Therapy



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