Month: October 2014

The Great Rejuvenator – Waterfall

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Rejuvenation is key…

Life can be so full sometimes and taking a moment or two for yourself away from your regular daily rhythm is one of the biggest gifts you can give. Legs Up the Wall is known as one of the greatest restorative postures and helps to recirculate blood throughout the whole system so the participant feels refreshed

A pause… A moment of nectar where the body can soften, unwind and let go…

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New Student? Beginners Foundation

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Melt your tension away…

Join us for a great practice in the evening to get your body and mind to slow down becoming light and rested. This is a slower and quite practice to balance all the active “yang” nature of our lives.

It involves the use of props to allow the body to feel totally supported to relax and release into long holds of these gentle postures. Muscles are “tuned off” and the body will come to a complete state of tranquility and quietness.

New to Class:

  • refrain from eating for 1 hour before class
  • dress in comfortable clothing, dress in layers
  • do come early to speak with the teacher about your specific needs if it’s your first time
  • be prepared to fill out a waiver & history form
  • inform the teacher of your limitations & injuries
  • be ready to take responsibility for yourself and work within your own limits
  • be prepared to lower down & rise up from the floor
  • the focus is to rest on the yoga mat in various poses
  • remember to listen to your body
  • remember to adjust during the class as you need to, as part of the self care process
  • remember to ask for help & assistance


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