Month: September 2015

Mentoring & Peer Support

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For new or seasoned teachers alike. We offer a unique teacher mentoring and practicum program and we welcome you to be part of the community.

Rekindle your commitment to Savasana and deep rest. Find your personal practice and give back to your self so you can give back to others. Find assistants and subs for your future classes.

Begin With Us: Learn as a student – receive a class

Observe a class – hold space and take notes
Assist a class – propping students
Begin teaching a partial class – find your feet
Teach your restorative series – share your practice

End With Us: Build connection – fine tune your skills, enhance your strengths as a teacher and grow your network / community.

Build Community: Join us for multiple “teacher practice” classes and “teacher practice days” and allow your learning to deepen your application as well as your understanding.

Questions? Please contact Christy for further information:

Christy Forman 604-315-5208 Email:

Christy is passionate about restorative yoga and bringing yoga into clinic and hospital settings. She mentors new and seasoned teachers, runs community practice days for teachers, supports student practicum classes and designs and develops various programs in our local region.




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We are so grateful to the Path Yoga Centre, Swan and Nevah and the wider community for this incredible learning opportunity.

Thank you for sharing the space with us.