Month: February 2016

Self Care & Supporting Health

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We are amazed at how much restorative yoga can enhance our lives by allowing our nervous system to cool down, reset and support our bodies to find a more neutral and balanced state. Please join us for a class, as a student or as a teacher, to recharge yourself and rest in this rewarding personal practice.

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Relax Your Body & Relax Your Mind

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Please join us for a relaxing experience …

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Mentoring & Peer Support

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Reconnect: Reconnect with the work – Reconnect with yourself. Supportive for new and seasoned teachers alike

Embody the Practice: We hold classes as a learning environment for teachers who want to embody the practice of restorative yoga and we invite you to come in and receive a class with us

Slow Yourself Down: Replenish the connection with yourself, revisit the lost art of listening and make a re-commitment to the practice of slowing yourself down

Refresh: If you feel called to practice further, we have four progressions to help you grow as a teacher. Review your training, remember the techniques, remind your hands and refresh your teaching. Encourage your confidence, practice your skills, bring your questions and build community

Peer Support: Peer support is so valuable and often missing in the world of yoga today so we have decided to focus on that concept and offer it here is a way of learning to make things accessible, approachable and enjoyable

Reading Body Shapes: Restorative yoga can have subtleties and intricacies within the variations and it can be supportive for the teacher to unpack them with others and learn together. Playing with postures and different body shapes supports the teacher in their experience own of digestion and integration

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