Mindful Brain Yoga Study

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Restorative yoga will be a part of this study…

The Intervention:

A team of researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC), led by Dr. William Panenka- a well-established clinical investigator and medical doctor specialised in TBI and Delrae Fawcett – A Research Coordinator with a background in Health Psychology, aim to create an evidence-based yoga program tailored for individuals with a concussion. They have teamed up with yoga therapist Shivani Wells (www.shivaniwells.com) and STRETCH yoga studio to create a program for “Mindful Brain Yoga”. In order to accomplish this important task they plan to examine how the body is engaged when practicing yoga, and align it to the symptoms associated with brain injury/concussion. This will allow them to create and adapt the practice of yoga to meet the specific needs of this population.

The Research Study:

The efficacy of this tailored yoga practice will be evaluated with a controlled longitudinal intervention design. Forty concussion patients will be recruited and randomly assigned to an intervention group (n=20) and a non-yoga control group (n=20). Additionally, they are going to integrate a qualitative component to this study through a participant program evaluation interview at program completion. Their multilevel design will allow them to dissect which components of the yoga protocol are operative physiologically, improve the understanding of the beneficial effects of yoga in general, and eventually result in a refined yoga protocol designed specifically to treat symptoms of brain injury.

The intervention program will consist of 3 yoga classes a week for a period of 8 weeks. Participants will be assessed on various physiological and psychological measures before and after the intervention.

With Love:

So let us be mindful with our precious brains: love your brain, love your body, practice yoga, and most importantly- remember to breathe!

Delrae Fawcett is a Vancouver-based Research Coordinator at the University of British Columbia with a MSc in Health Psychology. She is passionate about yoga, health and wellness and believes in practicing and living what you preach.

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Excerpt from a article: Mindful Brain Yoga: Yoga for Brain Injury | Dr Nibber

Full Article: https://drnibber.com/mindful-brain-yoga-yoga-for-brain-injury/

Learn more or like page: https://www.facebook.com/mindfulbrainyoga/?ref=ts&fref=ts


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