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Cultivate Deep Rest and Resiliency for Yourself
Unwind, Soften, Let Go with Restorative Yoga

Deep Rest and Resiliency…
Please Join Us.

Restorative yoga is the most refreshing, relaxing, and luxurious style of yoga. It will teach you how to slow yourself down. This type of class allows your body to recharge it’s batteries and slowly return itself to optimal state of functioning. We are committed to hosting and sharing the benefits of restorative yoga and encouraging self care, resiliency and self discovery. This class is gentle, quiet and supportive. A great way to reconnect with yourself and integrate your day, week or your year. A class for all ages and can accommodate many types of physical abilities. No knowledge of yoga required. All levels of experience and flexibility are welcome

We are offering weekly public classes and a teacher mentoring environment with the focus on peer support and learning together

This group started in October 2013, by 4 graduates of the Path Yoga Centre’s, 70 hour Restorative Yoga teacher training program as a practicum to directly apply the knowledge into a classroom setting, offer more restorative yoga to the public and build a restorative yoga community

Self Care & Supporting Health:
We are amazed at how much restorative yoga can enhance our lives by allowing our nervous system to cool down, reset and support our bodies to find a more neutral and balanced state. Please join us for a class, as a student or as a teacher, to recharge yourself and rest in this rewarding personal practice

We hope to grow the restorative yoga community in Vancouver and we would like for you to join us. Please reach out and connect with us or drop-in to a class and introduce yourself we would love to meet you.

Mentoring and Peer Support:
For new and seasoned teachers alike. This is a learning environment for us to practice as teachers and is dedicated to really honing our skills. Review your training, remember the techniques, remind your hands and refresh your teaching. Encourage your confidence, practice your skills and bring your questions.

Guest Teacher:
Each class will be a little different, as each teacher comes from a different background of yoga or healing modalities that complement the practice of restorative yoga and local practitioner and guest teachers circulate throughout the year. Are you a restorative yoga teacher? Would you like a guest spot? Please contact us.

Let’s build community together and support each other to grow inside and out.

Until we meet take care and rest deeply.

Everyone at Restorative Yoga Vancouver


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