Month: November 2016

Rest Deeply In Your Being

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Please join us, to recharge yourself and rest in this rewarding personal practice…

Everyone at Restorative Yoga Vancouver

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True Community

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Building Community with Restorative Yoga – a way to relax and recalibrate the body, balance the mind and support the heart to help the participent to connect the head, heart and hands…

Self Care & Supporting Health ~ We are amazed at how much restorative yoga can enhance our lives by allowing our nervous system to cool down, reset, support our bodies to find a more neutral and balanced state and this deeper connection  supports not only each of us but our wider community as well…

Please consider joining our movement to bring more restorative yoga into the world.

All of Us Here at Restorative Yoga Vancouver

Classes, Community, Peer Support, Mentoring

Yoga for Brain Injury

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Classes are complete, assessments are wrapping up and the final phase of the pilot is almost finished. Thanks everyone for all the support, interest and contributions. The Mindful Brain Yoga study is almost complete.

Cultivating awareness, slow mindful movement and  listening to limits were key in these classes and restorative yoga was a large part of the process.

Thank you to all the participants, the community and the professionals for making this happen.

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Mindful Brain Yoga: Yoga for Brain Injury | Dr Nibber


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