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Welcome to Winter Everyone,

Deep Rest & Resiliency – Please consider joining us for the first restorative yoga class of 2017 – Tuesday Jan 10th 7:30-9pm

A way to slow yourself down, take time just for you and recharge your batteries.  Enjoy a 90min class.  All props provided, simply arrive and melt into the support. We are committed to hosting and sharing the benefits of restorative yoga to encourage self-care, resiliency and self discovery.

Free or By Donation – Our Gift to You

We would love to support you as you prepare for the New Year! Stay Warm and Happy Hibernating…

Until we meet take care and rest deeply.
Everyone at Restorative Yoga Vancouver

Classes, Community, Peer Support, Mentoring

Community Class for Everyone – Time: Tuesday Jan 10th 7:30-9pm

The Path Yoga Centre
Suite 240 – 2083 Alma St (@ Jericho Village) Vancouver BC

Free or By Donation – A Gift From Us To You

Restorative Yoga is the most refreshing, relaxing and luxurious style of yoga. It will teach you how to slow yourself down and breathe. This type of class allows your body to recharge it’s batteries, recalibrate and slowly return itself to its optimal state of functioning.

New to Yoga?
Have you ever tried restorative yoga? It’s the most relaxing, easy and luxurious kind of yoga there is! The focus is to rest on the yoga mat, on the floor, in various poses. You will have supportive props to help make you comfortable to rest. Our classes are unique for having many teachers on the floor to help you with your specific needs

Selecting a yoga class in Vancouver can sometimes be challenging and our goal is to offer an open opportunity and warm environment for students with all levels of experience to come in to try a relaxing class…

Growing Community Cooperatively:
Please know your participation and donation covers our room rental and any funds over and above go back into further training to develop our skills as teachers

Supporting Teachers:
Please come and support us as teachers as we fully support you to rest and restore your body to its optimal state, through slow meditative movement, deep relaxation and gentle supported yoga postures

Please give us your feedback at the end of class or submit a reply online so that we can grow as teachers and learn from you as well as you learning from us. Thank you!

Artist: Nicolas Roerich


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