Guest Teachers  –  Each class will be a little different, as each teacher comes from a different background of yoga or healing modalities that complement the practice of restorative yoga and local practitioner and guest teachers circulate throughout the year.

Are you a restorative yoga teacher?  Would you like a guest spot? Would you consider teaching a class with us?  Please contact us.

Until we meet take care and rest deeply.


Everyone at Restorative Yoga Vancouver

Christy Forman – began her studies a number of years ago, when she used Yoga principles along side Traditional Western Medicine to help heal from sports injuries and car accidents. Her personal recovery led her on a road to study alternative medicine, rehabilitation science and the art of deep relaxation and self care. Over time she began to take her personal interests and share them with others.

imageShe specializes in private classes, injury support and recovery, sensitive back care and hospital visits. She teaches private sessions as well as classes at a physiotherapy clinic, at a rehabilitation centre and in various hospital settings.

Christy believes we can all improve our quality of life. She is passionate about teaching others how to find health again and has been doing so for the past decade.

Christy continues to study globally with many senior yoga teachers and she enjoys assisting at yoga teacher trainings and yoga therapy trainings.

Her greatest influences and mentors are Angela Farmer, Judith Lasater, Sarah Powers and Shayla Wright. Her teaching style of movement meditation is influenced by Gentle Hatha, Kripalu yoga, Yin Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Qi Gong and advanced Yoga Theraputic studies.

Restorative Yoga Therapy

Sandy Deboer – first found yoga in 2008, when a friend introduced her to tantric numerology and her interest was yjpiqued. She attended her first yoga class and knew she wanted to take a teacher training to learn more. She practiced in a variety of studios and tried different styles and teachers.

In 2011, she decided it was time for a life change and wanted to take the teacher training. It was always a dream of hers to travel to Costa Rica and found a teacher training at a self-sustaining eco-ranch in the middle of the jungle.

When she returned, she found a job combining her love for yoga and background in sales and marketing and started working with Halfmoon Yoga Products. Through this work she became passionate about the use of props in yoga. Her and the staff at Halfmoon began to interview some of the top teachers in the community and see how they had been incorporating props in their practice.

When they met with Nevah, a restorative yoga teacher and owner of the Path Yoga Center, she was fascinated about the practice of restorative yoga. She had practiced restorative before, but had not really understood exactly what the benefits were. When she learned about the effects of restorative on the nervous system, she studied it further and then enrolled in the 70 hour teacher training at the Path.

Sandy wants to share this practice with as many people as possible to help create a space of healing and regeneration for all those that need it.

Halfmoon Yoga Products

Amira Roberts – has a wealth of experience, having studied with Master teachers and healers for more than 15 years.


Amira is certified by Yoga Alliance to teach yoga. She is a certified Breath Facilitator for individuals and groups as well as a certified Aromatherapist, Rising Star Healing Teacher & Practitioner and a Prema Birthing Teacher & Practitioner. She has also studied more than 36 complimentary modalities and shamanism.

Through her own life’s journey Amira has mastered the art and skills to guide and support her clients through their challenges and toward living a more balanced, happier and fulfilling life.

Balanced and down to earth, Amira believes that everyone has the innate power to change their life by changing the way they think about and connect to things. The foundation of that change begins with the key to life – breath.

On and off the yoga mat, Amira will gently support you and help you empower yourself to face your life challenges with ease and grace. Amira believes that through expanding your awareness, you can change your perceptions and ultimately change your life.

One of Amira’s greatest joys is to watch you take a deep breath and smile.

Breath and Beyond


Gillian Turner – is passionate about helping people recover from life impacts and grow into fuller lives.  An awareness for the subtleties of the energy of the body and an appreciation for the innate wisdom held in the body’s potential for healing, deeply inform her work.

A Somatic Therapist with a private practice in the Dunbar/Point Grey neighbourhood of Vancouver, she is currently completing the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist Certification Program. She trained for ten years as an Intuitive Counsellor prior to gaining certification as an Advanced Integrative Energy Healing and in Strategic Resilience for First Responders. Her work is informed by over 900 hours of practicum and internship in clinic and hospital settings offering support to clients with anxiety, brain injury, stress disorders, eating disorders, addictions and complex medical diagnoses. These settings included Vancouver General Hospital Palliative Care, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, Vancouver Coastal Health Eating Disorder Clinic, Pacifica Treatment Center, and Lionsgate Integral Health Centre.
Gillian is a trauma-informed Restorative Yoga teacher and is a founding member of the Restorative Yoga Vancouver community. She holds deep gratitude to her teacher Swan at The Path Yoga Centre for supporting this unique community initiative and for providing a place to call “home” on the journey through life’s transitions.


Michelle LeeYoga introduces me to a more mindful path living my life since 2008, physically and Michellemindfully. Yoga has amazed me phenomenally that my curiosity lead me into learning more about Yoga, from posing different postures, to aligning the body with a neutral spine, to conscious breathing, to restorative relaxation and to mindful meditation.

I have so much of these beautiful wonders to share that I learned from my 200 hour YTT, India retreats, Restorative and many other mindfulness workshops. “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get” said Forrest Gump.

I say “To fully experience life, one shall experience Yoga to feel the connection with our most innocent simple selves in the very moment.”

May your breathe guide you to your path at all time.

Michelle Lee Yoga

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